We Provide Excellent Services:

Rx eyeglasses

We will help you find a pair of glasses that matches your lifestyle. From subtle frames that are clean and simple, to bolder frames that have a chunkier look. Sporty, trendy, modern or classic. Our frames were carefully selected to match the needs of just about anyone.

Great Sunglasses Selection

Our sunglasses selection is unique to the area. We will help you find great sunglasses that matches your personality and facial features. With our expert knowledge of frame selection, considering things like bone structure, bridge fit and brow line, we will find the perfect pair.


Our labs allow us to fill any kind of prescription. From basic inexpensive lenses, to the most cutting edge technology of high-index and digital surfacing. Together, we will identify the best lens for you. If you are happy with your current frame, or simply want to update the Rx in it, we can do that for you too


We can tighten your glasses, give them a good cleaning, fix a screw, and much more!

Expert fitting and adjusting

There are many things we consider when selecting the perfect frame for you. We look at bridge fit, brow line, cheek bones, eyes being centered, etc. We listen to you, and give our professional opinion. Our goal is to make you look great the way you want to look, not the way we want you to look.

Expert eyewear consultations