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We exclusively carry such lines as:

Oliver Peoples

We are the only 'Oliver Peoples' retailer in and around Falmouth. Many of our customers have mentioned that they, "had to go over the bridge, into Boston to find 'Oliver Peoples' frames." Not any more. Oliver Peoples is well respected in the optical community as a leader in frame design, and quality. It is one of the most imitated frame manufacturers on the market. Now available through Sia Optical, right here in Falmouth.


They are the favorite of hollywood stars and just about everyone else on this planet. Certainly, the power and popularity of Gucci sunglasses cannot be ignored. Young and previous alike adore them, and they have developed into a component of our tradition. Here at Sia Optical, we have Gucci sunglasses as well the ophthalmics (RX) frames.


This is the first line of "green" eye-wear. Made from 100% recycled glasses! ECO plants a tree for each frame sold and makes it easy to donate old eyewear to people in need around the world. Simply drop off your old eyewear at your local ECO dealer. Being (Sia Optical). Not only a great product for the environment, but also extremely affordable. And! your helping those in need.


Ray-Ban is the #1 selling sunglass in the world. Sia Optical is the only ophthalmic retailer in Falmouth that carries the affordable eyewear. We have all the staple Ray-Ban styles, classic aviators, Wayfarer, New Wayfarer, sporty wrap styles and many more.


Prada is the number two selling sunglass in the states. Again, Sia Optical is the only retailer in and around Falmouth that carries Prada sun and regular (ophthalmic) frames.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is the Hottest designer around right now. Here, we have her collection of sunglasses. Designed by Tory Burch, and manufactured by Luxottica.


Since 1987, Wiley X Inc. has been a world leader in the research, development and marketing of protective eyewear for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets. Wiley X has become standard issue with FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy Seals and other elite Special Forces units around the globe. These frames come with a case, cloth, padded backing and safety straps. Perfect for boating, skiing, biking, etc.

"Super Exclusive Product"

A product so exclusive, we are not allowed to mention it on our website. We are honored and proud that these amazing pieces are in our store. Hint: starts with a (CHAN) and Ends in an (L).

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many more available, call or see store for details. you guys are the best

Also in our Collection: Our "Value" eyewear & Sunglasses

  • D & G

  • Polo

  • Modo

  • Vogue

  • Brooks Brother's

  • DKNY

  • Anne Klein

... and much more. Stop by the store and check out how you look in your favorite frames.